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  • Prime RIB- Cuts On The Bone

Prime RIB- Cuts On The Bone

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Which is better prime rib or ribeye?

Both prime ribs and ribeyes have very pronounced beefy flavors because of their locations along the animal's rib. However, the prime rib is often a bit more flavorful than the ribeye since it contains more fat and the bone.

Dry aging enhances the flavor and tenderness of beef. dry-aged for 35 days.

Terms used to describe dry-aged beef: “buttery and rich, superb in taste and texture, superior in taste and tenderness, mellow and intense, and earthy and nutty” Come in today and pick up a box.

The best cut of beef to dry age

The Meat

The best meat for dry-aging beef at home is large muscle or sub-primal cuts on the bone like a strip loin, ribeye, or sirloin. Bones and fat layers are the best as they protect the meat from drying out too much when you are dry-aging beef at home.

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